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加入MTA乐动app直播,成为北美最大的公共交通组织的重要组成部分。我们正在寻找在其职业生涯的每个阶段激情对公共服务激情的动态个人,以帮助我们履行对保持纽约迁徙的承诺。在MT乐动app直播A及其机构,我们依靠各种各样的人和技能 - 诸如工程,信息技术,法律,安全,汽车机械,设施维护,火车操作和客户服务等领域只是一些可用的职业选择在MTA。乐动app直播无论您是想向公众提供优质的客户服务,有助于保持我们的火车或公共汽车以顶部的形状,适合维修,构建或维修关键基础设施资产,或分析数据和解决问题,我们为您提供了奖励和有意义的机会。

Job postings

All agencies at the MTA areequal opportunity employers并完全致力于将职业道路打开所有背景的求职者。您可以使用作业门户网站来查看代理商或技能集。新的职位经常发布,所以经常回来。

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Applying for jobs as an MTA employee

MTA employees must apply viathe My MTA Portal. Logging in with your BSC ID number links your job application to your employment record to identify you as an internal applicant.

Four people sitting around a table looking at files and laptops.
成为团队的一部分解决今天的s most challenging transit problems.

Jobs that require exams

Some positions at MTA New York City Transit, MaBSTOA, MTA Bus Company, and MTA Bridges & Tunnels require applicants to sit for an examination.了解更多关于即将到来的考试的信息.

Applying to become an MTA Police Officer requires an exam, as well as a number of other steps.Find out more about becoming a police officer.

Skilled trade positions

We’re always hiring for skilled trade positions – people who are the core of what keeps our system moving. This is a chance to get unparalleled experience – working at the MTA will be a part of your career you won’t forget and one that will prepare you to work anywhere.

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What does a conductor do?

Aboard almost every train is a conductor. Find out more about what they do.


No matter what field you are interested in, the MTA is a great place to start your career. Get real-world experience while serving your community. Internships for most agencies are listed directly in the职业门户. Interns interested in MTA New York City Transit should look at NYCT’sown program page.


At the MTA, you get more than just a paycheck. We’re committed to helping you live well physically and emotionally, now and in the future. Each MTA operating agency provides its own benefit package, with additional details in the brochures below:

Culture and diversity


  • Safety – the well-being of our employees and customers is paramount
  • Respect – we treat all people with fairness and dignity
  • 问责制 - 我们做我们所说的并对我们的行为负责
  • 创新 - 我们提前留​​在我们行业的最前沿
  • Integrity – we are honest and communicate with transparency

We’re proud of how far we’ve come and look forward to delivering safe, efficient, and reliable service to our customers for decades to come.

We’re also committed to maintaining an environment where everyone can contribute and reach their potential. We appreciate people for who they are, how they think, and what they bring to our collective efforts. We want to attract and develop people who bring different backgrounds, styles, perspectives, values and beliefs to our organization, and firmly believe that incorporating a range of perspectives improves our outcomes.